FrameForge is so innovative,
we’ll change your definition of a storyboard

Traditionally, a storyboard was a sequence of hand drawings that were designed to help a filmmaker organize and plan their shots — with some directions and dialogue noted.

Most storyboard software programs merely takes this process one step further – and the output is simply that: a storyboard that consists of clip-art.

But Emmy® Award-winning FrameForge® does so much more than just simplify the storyboarding process; it helps filmmakers previsualize their work by creating an optically accurate, Virtual Film Studio® right on the computer. In fact, compare our products with any other storyboard software and you’ll immediately see the difference yourself.

Optically Match Any Camera in Existence

Whether you’re creating interiors or exteriors, you’ll be able to prep virtually any room, location or environment, and view it through a virtual camera that can optically match any camera in existence from Super 8 up to the latest IMAX® and HD marvels. But that’s just the beginning.

With FrameForge you’ll improve your preproduction process far beyond what even the most gorgeously drawn storyboard could, saving you thousands of hours of time and money.

Avoid Surprises:
Create a Visual Blueprint of Your Shoot

With FrameForge, you’ll generate Data-Rich Storyboards™ and arrive on set fully prepared, confident that you can physically shoot every shot you’ve planned.
  • As a Director, you’ll be able to fully experiment with camera angles and framing with expressive characters and easy-to-use lighting controls for mood and tone.

  • As a Cinematographer, you can optically match your camera, support hardware and limit your shots to a zoom range or focal prime set, lay dolly tracks and more.

  • As a VFX Supervisor, you’ll be able to easily match the director’s camera’s settings and use real-time compositing and a drag-n-drop library to prep and show planned shots faster than ever before.


With FrameForge Virtual Film Studio™, you’re solving problems in pre-production, instead of on set. The result is a faster, more efficient shoot, with more time to focus on what you do best.

Easy to Learn and Use

Specifically designed for the filmmaker, FrameForge doesn’t require any drawing, animation or specialized computer skills. The main work screen is a Control Room. Modeled after a television control room, it’s a simple interface that’s fast and intuitive. NOTE: Click the red dots on the image below for information on different elements of the main interface.

annotated screen shot


Choose the Best FrameForge Solution for Your Needs

Whether you’re an aspiring Indie filmmaker or experienced Pro, FrameForge has the storyboard software solution you need.

Compare and decide which FrameForge solution works best for your next project. All three versions are feature-rich and utilize the same, easy-to-use interface.

Add any of our 8 Expansion Packs and really bring your storyboard to life. Enhance your set with appropriate actors and objects from crime and justice to Emergency Room situations to the next Apocalypse!

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