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Why buy just one? Buy all EIGHT expansion packs for just $199.95. Save almost $600 if purchased separately.

Give your shots more death, destruction, and general decay. Whether you need aftermath of a dystopian future, war, or a natural disaster, this pack has it all: destroyed infrastructure, crashed and mangled cars, scorched earth and more.

The Apocalypse Expansion Pack for FrameForge contains 161 objects, props, and set pieces perfect for your apocalyptic vision.

NOTE: You must have an authentic registered copy of FrameForge 4 (or 3) to install and use this expansion pack. 

    Apartment building (shredded)
    Apartment building
    Building (collapsed)
    Building shell (brick)
    Building shell commercial-office buIlding
    Garage (wrecked)
    Power plant (collapsed)
    Skyscraper #1
    Upscale Residential (boarded-up)
    Upscale Residential (boarded-up, wrecked)
    Warehouse (abandoned)

    Chimney (broken, leaning)
    Chimney (fallen with debris)
    Chimney (standing, damaged)
    Chimney (top, fallen)
    Silo (collapsed)
    Water tower (collapsed)
  • Burned out wreck
    Hatchback (wrecked)
    Police car (abandoned)
    Police car (husk)
    Sedan (damaged)
    Taxi (abandoned)
  • Razor Wire (short, long, and medium)
    Damaged Walls (19 types)
    Cinderblock Walls (3 types)
    Fence Segments (Twisted, torn, and mangled) (5 types)
  • Blast disk (vertical)
    Blast disk
    Blast hole
    Flames #1
    Flames #2
    Lightning (2 pronged)
    Lightning (3 pronged)
    Lightning (Single)
    Smoke plume (thick)
    Smoke plume (thin)
  • Arm chair
    Battered couch
    Battered sofa cushion with rip
    Battered sofa cushion bed (queen-sized with frame)
    Broken chair
    Broken table (long part)
    Broken table (short part)
    Dining chair (fancy, broken)
    Dinner plate (broken)
    Filthy mattress (curved middle)
    Filthy mattress (flat)
    Filthy mattress (folded length-wise)
    Mesh bench (rusted out)
    Shower & tub (grungy)
    Shower drain (grungy)
    Sink (grungy)
    Toilet (grungy)
    Wooden bench (ruined)
  • 50 gallon drum
    Car seat
    Car tire
    Corrugated metal (rusted)
    Drill press
    Industrial gas tank
    Machinery part (rusted)
    Metal parts
    Milling machine
    Rusted out rim
    Rusted plate
    Rusty rod
    Sharpened stick
    Shopping cart (filled, homeless)
    Shopping cart (mangled)
    Wooden box (scarred)
    Debris mound (after the flood)
    Debris mound (dirt & rocks)
    Debris mound (shattered asphalt)
    Debris mound (stones)
    Debris pile (road pieces)
    Rubble (broken roadway)
    Rubble (chimney pieces)
    Bricks (pile)
    Bricks (scattered)
    Cinderblock (broken)
    Cinderblock rubble
    Rubble (mixed)
    Rubble pile
    Stone & rebar
  • City streets (damaged)
    Concrete slab with mangled fence
    Electrical substation (mangled)
    Fallen electrical tower #1
    Fallen electrical tower #2
    Fallen electrical tower #3
    Overpass (collapsed)
    River topology (for suspension bridge)
    Suspension Bridge (collapsed)
  • Greasy stains
    Metal lathing & insulation
    Wall Damage (moldy lathing)
    Wall Damage (Revealed Bricks and Mold)
    Wall Damage (Revealed Bricks)
    Wall Damage (Revealed metal sheeting)
    Wall Damage (Revealed Stone and Mold)
    Wall Damage (rotten bricks)
    Broken door
    Broken factory windows
    Curtains with rod (ragged)
    Curtains with tie-backs (torn)
    Window (open, broken)
    Electrical Substation with fence
    Electrical Tower power plant
    Water tower
    Dinner plate
    Shopping cart
    Overpass on-ramp
    Overpass Suspension Bridge
    Shipping Container (blue)
    Shipping container (orange)
    Shipping container (reddish-pink)

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Product Guarantee

our frameforge 4 guarantee to you

30-Day Money Back Guarantee
Free Email Technical Support
Free Phone Technical Support



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