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Innoventive Software, LLC

A small company with big plans.

We are filmmakers and we're passionate about what we do, making tools to empower ourselves and other filmmakers (and TV and Web and...) to create even better content, and push ourselves to create our best work, as quickly and efficiently as possible.

User-Driven, we always want to hear what's working and what isn't, so that we can make the best, easiest to use, most powerful filmmaking software available.

Based out of San Diego, California, Innoventive Software is the multi-award winning company whose development team was behind the creation of FrameForge Studio, of course, but also Movie Magic Screenwriter (originally ScriptThing, now owned and sold by Write-Brothers),in addition to the story development tools Power Structure and Power Writer,

Along the way, we have earned an Prime-Time Emmy from the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences, Two Lumiere Statuettes from the Advanced Imaging Society (one for FrameForge, one for our co-branded RealD Stereo Calculator for iphone/ipad), a Macworld Editor's Choice Award for Movie Magic Screenwriter and, most importantly, the acclaim of our users.

Our international headquarters is located at

Innoventive Software, LLC
3560 Vista de la Orilla, Suite 3A2
San Diego, CA 92117

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Our Money Back Guarantee
Money Back Guarantee

We offer a full 30 day money-back guarantee.  If you aren't satisfied for any reason, then try our support staff as they really go the extra mile to make sure our customers are happy.  But if you decide that our program is not for you, that's okay too.  Just uninstall it before 30 days are up and we'll issue you a complete refund.

Now, we could say 'no questions asked' but we are always looking to improve our products so, in fact, we will ask you why you want to return the program... but your refund wouldn't be contingent on your answers.