Compare FrameForge 4 Versions (old)

FrameForge 4 Core is designed for indie directors, screenwriters, and budget filmmakers. Previs and storyboard your entire production.

FrameForge 4 Pro adds physical camera equipment (such as camera bodies, dollies, tracks, cranes, jibs etc.), individual set lighting elements (both practical and instruments) depth-of-field, prime lenses, ground, separate shooting and storyboard orders of shots and more.

sets, actors, and props

Both FrameForge Editions (Core & Pro) includes the following so you can start working immediately.


8 Pre-Built Sets including Kitchen, Bedroom, Bathroom, Living Room, Office Cubicles, Corner Office, Outdoor Gazebo, and Outdoor Intersection.


32 Male or Female Adults, 32 Teenagers, 8 Children & 4 Babies

4 ethnicities or skin tones (White, Asian, Black, and Brown (Middle Eastern/Hispanic)).

Complete control over actor's emotions, poses, looks, sizes, and body shapes.Over 5,000 different clothing combinations and hair styles to provide incredible detail to your actors.

Animal Actors including cats, dogs, horses, sheep, bear, wolf, deer, and elk. All animals can be fully posed such as laying down, running, or even attacking.


Over 1100 World-Ready Objects that know how to interact with each other. Populate your set with customizable chairs, tables, desks, computers, musical instruments, and even weapons.

additional features


The below features are included in every version of FrameForge Core or FrameForge Pro. With these features, you can plan, previz, and storyboard your entire film or production.


Script Importing lets you bring scripts formatted in Final Draft, Movie Magic Screenwriter, Celtx, Fade-In, and any other screenwriting program.

Script Lining and Shot Association lets you create a "pre-lined script" for coverage analysis and aid in planning shooting order.


Virtual Film Studio in which you can explore your vision as if you were on location.

Create sets simply by drawing them. Give any room its own floor or ceiling regardless of its shape.

Resize any room in Room Builder and the set dressing automatically maintains relative positions in the room.

lights & cameras

Optically Accurate Virtual Cameras can match the capabilities of any camera and lens package.

General Scene Lighting with shadows and manual control over sun position and scene/key light brightness.

True Angles & Perspective let you see exactly what your camera will on set - no forced perspective here!

Optically Accurate Mirrors enables you to create complicated shots using mirrored reflections.

actors & props

Fully Posable Actors with Real Facial Expressionsand hundreds of pre-built poses and relationships.

World-Ready Objects™ know how to interact with the actors, for example drag an actor into a chair and they'll sit, or drag a cup to an actor and they'll pick it up.

Image Importing means that you can use any images you want for backgrounds, textures, or decals.

Decals allow you to customize and apply images such as wounds, scars, insignia, and logos to clothing or body parts.

Object Importing lets you take any well designed 3D object stored in VRML, FBX, or Sketchup 6 format and convert it to a true FrameForge object.


Powerful "Tweening" lets you generate full animations from only a few frames. Actors will automatically walk, jog, or run from one place to another.

HumanTouch™ Tweening tweaks actor's tweened motions to look more natural.


Visual Shot Manager lets you organize, annotate, and preview your shots with ease.

Data-Rich Storyboards show your cast and crew not only what the shot is, but also all the camera information needed to get it.

Print & Export your storyboards in virtually any layout including having an optional overhead blueprint view.

Multiple Rendering Options let you choose exactly how you want your images to look, from realistic, to cartoon, or pen & ink.

Auto HTML Generation with auto-generated links lets you present your storyboards to anyone online.

Export Shots and Movies at any resolution up to full HD.


The below features are included in the PRO versions only. These features are designed for working directors, cinematographers, or VFX supervisors who need to save time and money in pre-production and production.

Set & location

Built-InWorld Map of Longitude & Latitudeswith automatic Daylight Savings Time Calculations for over 41,000 cities worldwide allows you to place your set at the geographic location where you'll be shooting and have the sun track automatically.

Auto-calculation of the Sun's Position based on the location of your shoot anywhere in the world, and your specific date & time including reports of Sunrise, Midday, & Sunset times for any location at any date.

Fog/Air Transparency allows you to control the look of the air on the set including the fog's thickness, its accumulation, height and color.

lights & camera

Live Green Screen Compositingusing either another virtual camera as a source or using a backdrop or composited background, including automatic optional foreground / source camera synching and visual background calibration.

Physical Cameras and Industry Standard Grip Equipment let you plan your shoot down to the last dolly track and tripod. And the equipment "knows" how they all work together so that putting a head on a jib arm is as easy as dragging them together.

Multiple Camera Types on Set allow you to have several different types of camera (HD, Super 16, etc.) all on the set at the same time.

Focal Primes allows you to limit any camera on set to any set of Prime Lenses, supplying quite a number of pre-built standard prime sets with the capability to define your own... each different cameras can have different prime sets.

Camera Equipment Collision Detection in addition to being able to see if your camera equipment will fit in any given place, the collision warnings alert you when cameras, jibs or dollies collide with any object on the set.

Auto-Generated Equipment Reports can list all the physical camera equipment you have on the set for each shot.

Auto-Snap Dolly Tracks with automatic Dolly Tracking lets you simply drag a dolly onto tracks and it will take care of following them automatically.

Multiple Light Sources that combine in both intensity and color as per real lights with individual control of each light's color, brightness, and angle of spread.

Lighting Instruments including Physical Production Instruments, Floating Virtual Lights (both omni-directional and spotlights) along with a variety of Practical Lights including lamps, flames, car headlights and more.

Central Lighting Mixer gives you full control of all your lighting in one place, letting you change the brightness, color, shadow hardness and angle of spread of any individual light.

Real-Time Overlapping Shadows from multiple light sources.

Ground Glass & Ground Glass Designer allows you to work as if you were literally looking through your camera with the option to print the ground glass if desired.

Depth of Field Rendering using optically accurate circle of confusion rather than the common (but inaccurate) parallax blurring method.

True Mirrored Reflections let you setup shots with mirrors using their actual reflections.


Intelligent Tweening Checks will prevent you from tweening specific equipment in ways that cannot be performed on set, such as tweening a crane shot when the camera's on a tripod.


These features are only in the FrameForge Stereo 3D  expansion. They are designed for advanced users working in the the latest Stereo 3D environment. However, many of the features will make your pre-production easier and faster even if you're working in a standard film environment.


3D Rigs - both mirror rigs and side-by-side rigs, all of which can be fully customized to exactly match the exact ranges / functioning of your real rig.
Work Real-Time in Stereo 3D on virtually any projector or monitor. Supports anaglyph, side-by-side, checkerboard, interlaced, quad-buffered / page-flipped along with optional output to HD-SDI.
Real-Time Multi-Rig Setups where one rig supplies the background and another one supplies the foreground.
Auto-Rig Optionwhich will set your rig parameters for you based on your allowable divergence, position of screen plane and distance to farthest object on set.
Can Target any Screen Size from a smart phone to the largest IMAX®, and everywhere in between.
Customizable Stereo Rigs (Side-by-Side & Beam Splitter) allow you to easily match the capabilities and limitations of the rig(s) you’ll be using.
Shoot Converged or Parallel with Post Image Shift and the program will automatically change its reports to either angulation, screen percent or pixel offset as desired.
Export Movies in Common Stereo Formats (left/right, top/bottom, anaglyph, and separate left & right movie streams).
Stereo Verifier will scan a frame for all visible objects and report the minimum and maximum distances, their parallax and on-screen image offset.
Automatic Edge Violationwarnings report any edge violations including where in the frame the violation is, and how much into negative space the cut-off object protrudes.
Dynamic Display of Screen Plane and Far Distance Line on Blueprint View (Far Distance Line is the distance beyond which an object will have a divergent screen offset).
Can Work in a Non-Stereo Mode to "rough out shots" and then go back and fine tune the stereo in a separate pass.

One Key Switching between stereo and non-stereo display or the Live View and a Full-Screen Stereo View for image checking.
Option to Print Anaglyph Storyboards for on-set stereo viewing or 2D Storyboards as desired.
Find any Object's Parallaxand on-screen left/right offset (in both percentage and physical distance) just by clicking.
Auto-Calculate the Angulation (Convergence), Image Shift or Interaxial Distance to get the desired parallax at any given distance... assuming it's optically possible.
Report All Camera and Stereo Meta data along with each shot or exported as a Shot List in either RTF Table Format or Tab Delimited (for import into Microsoft Excel or virtually any database).

Our Money Back Guarantee
Money Back Guarantee

We offer a full 30 day money-back guarantee.  If you aren't satisfied for any reason, then try our support staff as they really go the extra mile to make sure our customers are happy.  But if you decide that our program is not for you, that's okay too.  Just uninstall it before 30 days are up and we'll issue you a complete refund.

Now, we could say 'no questions asked' but we are always looking to improve our products so, in fact, we will ask you why you want to return the program... but your refund wouldn't be contingent on your answers.