Interior Sets

interior sets

Build your set to the exact inch or centimeter. FrameForge ships with 8 pre-made sets for business, home, and travel. Or use the Room Builder to custom create your own design or plan. 

1. Drag or draw walls and hallways.  Add floors or ceilings.

2.Add doors, windows, and cutaways to complete structure.

3.Adjust height and length of structure to ensure cameras and equipment fit on set.

4.Add actors, props, and furniture to complete set.

Our Money Back Guarantee
Money Back Guarantee

We offer a full 30 day money-back guarantee.  If you aren't satisfied for any reason, then try our support staff as they really go the extra mile to make sure our customers are happy.  But if you decide that our program is not for you, that's okay too.  Just uninstall it before 30 days are up and we'll issue you a complete refund.

Now, we could say 'no questions asked' but we are always looking to improve our products so, in fact, we will ask you why you want to return the program... but your refund wouldn't be contingent on your answers.