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Crime and Justice

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Why buy just one? Buy all EIGHT expansion packs for just $199.95. Save almost $600 if purchased separately.

Crime and Justice adds over 70 high quality objects and actors covering Police, Law Enforcement, Security, the Media and the Justice System.

It includes men and women in four ethnicities dressed as judges, three kinds of police uniforms, and SWAT uniforms in seven different camouflage and solid patterns. Also included are masked robbers and terrorists in both standard street clothes and a para-military jumpsuit.

The expansion pack includes props and objects such as a police car & motorcycle, SWAT van, a multitude of props for lawyers, reporters, judges, and courtrooms. in addition to security related props such as safes, lock picks, security cameras, keypads and secret service-style earpieces and hundreds of new relationships to make using these new objects a snap! Also included is a building suitable for a courtroom or police station, and three new sets: Courtroom, Police "Bullpen" and Jail.