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Why buy just one? Buy all EIGHT expansion packs for just $199.95. Save almost $600 if purchased separately.

Comprising forty-two Interiors* and twenty-two Exteriors, these sets are suitable for immediate use as-is, or for adaptation to more specific locales.

These sets include: a Complete Airport with a modular/break-apart commercial airplane, bank branch and vault, public library, bar/pub, parking garage, modular stairwell, Residential Basement, Bathroom, Bedrooms (adult, child, Baby), Dining Room, Living Room, a variety of corridors, Cafe, Diner, Restaurants, Offices, Hotel Rooms, Urban Streets, Alleys, Inner City Basketball Court, City Streets with Bus Stops, Parks, Brownstones, Playground, Country Roads, Residential Streets and more...

* Many of the interiors, such as the Public Library, Pizzeria, Grocery/Liquor Store, etc. also have fully detailed exteriors giving them even more flexibility and value.